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A social entrepreneur seeks out innovative ways to address community needs. This course provides fundamental social entrepreneurship training and community involvement experience to Shaw College students by incorporating a service-learning framework into the course design. Students will gain insight of social entrepreneurism via attending a series of lectures and workshops at the beginning of the course. An overview of the global and local development of social enterprises will be provided at the beginning, followed by intensive social entrepreneurship skills training. Field trips to social enterprises with diverse background will be organised. Groups of students will then collaborate with these social enterprises and together decide an innovative and mutually beneficial way of service. This negotiated service will be continuously assessed by the supervisors from these social enterprises as well as the course coordinator. Upon finishing designated hours of service students are required to reflect on their learning experience, draft and submit a group report, and present their report in class in the final lecture.


Mr. Raymond YIM Chun-man


1. Lectures and site visits: May 27 - 30 and July 11
2. Tutorials: June 11, 18, 25 and July 2
3. Internship: 3 June – 10 July


Cantonese Only (C)

Assessment Scheme

1. Internship report

2. Group presentation

3. Internship performance

4. Peer evaluation

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