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Last Updated on Thursday, 18 June 2020 14:30

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College general education is an important feature of undergraduate education. By providing students with a broad perspective that goes beyond academic pursuits, college general education contributes to the holistic development of students to become responsible citizens of the society.In the freshmen year, the college general education programmes help students adapt to university life and appreciate the essential characteristics of university learning. Throughout the undergraduate years, a collegiate environment is provided to promote interaction among students and teachers from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds.

Important Note
In the principle of general education that only courses outside of a student’s major programme could be counted towards fulfillment of general education requirement, students should take note that the exclusion criteria barring a student from taking a general education course that falls within the student’s own major applies not only when the student enrolls in a course. By the time of graduation, if a student’s declared major is in conflict with the exclusion criteria of any of the general education courses taken, these courses cannot be counted as fulfilling the general education requirement.

This situation could likely happen to students taking general education courses before they have yet declared a major, e.g., students of broad-based admissions, or to students who have changed their major after they have taken some general education courses. Students should therefore have the full responsibility to monitor carefully if their declared majors or changed majors could result in any of the general education courses taken earlier becoming invalid in fulfilling general education requirement.