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Last Updated on Thursday, 22 November 2012 11:50

College Motto

The motto of the College "修德講學" comes from a saying of Confucius. In Book VII of The Analects of Confucius 論語, the Master said, "It is these things that cause me concern: failure to cultivate virtue; failure to go more deeply into what I have learned; inability, when I am told what is right, to go over to where it is; and inability to reform myself when I have defects."

It is interesting that the cultivation of virtue and the going more deeply into what one has learned are placed by Confucius at the head of the list of things that caused him concern. The reason is not far to seek. The former concerns one's moral character, while the latter is the way to new knowledge. A man of sound moral character eager to make new discoveries on the strength of existing knowledge is, in the eyes of Confucius, close to the ideal of the gentleman.


College Slogan

The Slogan of the College, “Excellence with a soul, Leadership with a heart”, which has been created to echo the meaning of the motto, embodies the ideal of pursuing excellence with a soul and leading with a heart.


The Five Pillars

Nurturing Moral Character
'The practice of virtue' must be first and foremost in our academic endeavour and in the conduct of our lives.  With the Shaw College motto ‘cultivating virtue and acquiring knowledge’, our students are reminded to nurture moral character, and then engage in academic work.  It is written in the Great Learning in the Book of Rites: ‘According to old wisdom, when someone wished to extol virtue throughout the kingdom, he would first strive to administer his own state well.  To administer his state well, he would first put his family affairs in order.  To put his family affairs in order, he would have to nurture his own moral character.  To nurture his moral character, he would have to set his heart right.  To set his heart right, he would have to adopt a genuine attitude.’  In order to ‘nurture moral character’, it is essential to ‘adopt a genuine attitude’ and ‘set one’s heart right’.  At Shaw College, our ideal is 'Excellence with a soul, leadership with a heart.'  It is a tradition that combines scholarship with virtue, and personal development with social responsibility.  The Shaw scholar has a noble character and a caring attitude.


Serving the Community
Our students work hard in their quest for knowledge, with a view to using what they have learnt to serve the community and the needy.  The College encourages voluntary participation in the development and implementation of social service projects. It also provides advice and subsidy to projects initiated by students, as well as activities such as those organized by Shaw Rotaract.  The College will continue to plan and organize social groups, and take the lead in promoting social awareness and caring for society.  Innovative subjects, such as social enterprise and poverty alleviation, have been introduced into the general education curriculum.


Caring for Motherland
The rapid economic growth on the Mainland has cast China in a role of increasing importance on the world stage.  Hong Kong has its back resting firmer against the motherland, and is in a position to take advantage of its strategic location to achieve win-win results.  Our students should care for the motherland and equip themselves with an ample understanding of various aspects of affairs on the Mainland.  They should take advantage of any opportunities for interaction/exchange with their Mainland counterparts and their teachers.  The College will make good use of its network of Mainland universities/colleges in exploring cooperation and establishing interactive programmes pertinent to this day and age.


Developing Global Perspective
As global citizens, today’s students must have a global vision.  Under the Distinguished Visiting Scholarship Scheme, students benefit from lectures delivered by world-renowned scholars who have been invited to come.  The College has also established partnerships with overseas universities/colleges that provide the opportunity for mutual learning and growth among students.  Different forms of exchange programmes will continue to be arranged.


Protecting the Environment
Basic environmental protection is a matter of personal devotion: proactively promoting savings in energy and resource, responsible use of public property, etc.  Students and colleagues are encouraged to participate in more environmental protection activities on campus.  In response to different needs, the College organizes various activities to promote awareness among colleagues and students, as well as action to support sustainable development in environmental protection.