College Motto, Founding Aspiration and Slogan

College Motto

The motto of the College "修德講學" comes from a saying of Confucius. In Book VII of The Analects of Confucius 論語, the Master said, "It is these things that cause me concern: failure to cultivate virtue; failure to go more deeply into what I have learned; inability, when I am told what is right, to go over to where it is; and inability to reform myself when I have defects."

It is interesting that the cultivation of virtue and the going more deeply into what one has learned are placed by Confucius at the head of the list of things that caused him concern. The reason is not far to seek. The former concerns one's moral character, while the latter is the way to new knowledge. A man of sound moral character eager to make new discoveries on the strength of existing knowledge is, in the eyes of Confucius, close to the ideal of the gentleman.

Founding Aspiration

Learning, innovation, and benefitting humankind

  • 創院初心
Sir Run Run Shaw once said: "I believe that the greatness of humankind lies in their ability to pursue, disseminate and enrich knowledge, to open up new frontiers of knowledge for the well-being of humankind."

College Slogan

The Slogan of the College, "Excellence with a soul, Leadership with a heart", which has been created to echo the meaning of the motto, embodies the ideal of pursuing excellence with a soul and leading with a heart.


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