First Year Engagement Programme

With the aim of helping first year students to adapt to a totally different learning environment and atmosphere, Shaw College has launched the “First Year Engagement Programme” to provide a series of activities and resources for students to enhance self-understanding, expand social network and have a better planning of university life. The Programme mainly consists of three components which are welcoming day, peer support group and thematic workshops, each to cater the needs of different students.

Welcoming Day

Welcoming Day

The Welcoming Day was first introduced in 2019 summer. It targets all first year students who are newly admitted to Shaw College. Through a series of interactive activities and sharing from senior students, the programme enabled freshmen to get to know Shaw College and the resources available and assisted them in identifying learning goals to better prepare for university life.

Welcoming Day 2020

Highlights of Welcoming Day 2019

  • Welcoming Day
  • Welcoming Day
  • Welcoming Day
  • Welcoming Day
  • Welcoming Day


Ms. Peggy CHAN / Mr. Nicolas TAM
Tel: 3943 7361 / 3943 4281
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Peer Support Group

Welcoming Day

Peer Support Group is targeting students who wish to have more guidance and support in their first year. Students will be engaged in an in-depth way with various learning opportunities. Students will be divided into groups led by College staff and peer mentors. The group aims to equip students with the “DRIVE” characteristics as followed.

Dialogue Resilience and Problem solving Initiative Vision Enthusiasm



All year round

Monthly Meet-up

  • Thematic training, games, discussion and sharing
  • Topics including understanding and managing self, relationship building, understanding community, etc.

Term 1

Boot Camp (3-day-2-night)

  • Understand self and University
  • Team building activities to foster the development of team dynamic for upcoming challenges

Term 2

Students-initiated Activities

  • As an extended part of the outbound service trip
  • Organise small scale activities on concerned issues

Summer Break

Outbound Service Trip

  • Develop global mindset and sense of global citizenship
  • Content will be designed and executed by students

End of the year

Report-back Celebration

  • Reflect the journey and share the learning
  • Show appreciation and recognition
  • Plan for next steps


The group is now open for application. Click here for details.


Ms. Yan-ning LEUNG / Ms. Emily NG
Tel: 3943 1549 / 3943 1553
Email: /

Thematic Workshops

Freshmen may not be familiar with the new environment and resources available, they may be frustrating and have difficulties in coping with the new learning and living style in University. Various workshops will be organized for freshmen to facilitate their adaptability in University, topics include strength assessment, time management, wellness management, relationship building, etc.

  • Thematic Workshops
  • Thematic Workshops

CliftonStrengths® Discovery Workshop provides insight on using one’s strengths in study and daily life.


Ms. Yan-ning LEUNG / Ms. Stella WONG
Tel: 3943 1549 / 3943 7359
Email: /