Mentorship Programme

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Mentorship is a journey of inspiring others and being inspired by transferring knowledge and sharing experience through heart to heart communication and demonstration.

Mentorship Programme is eager to create an engaged community by bringing together students and alumni of Shaw College who are business leaders and/or industry experts.

  Mentees Mentors
Who? Students of Shaw College who are in their second year of study or above. Alumni of Shaw College with 10 years or above working experience in various fields who are eager to practise a ‘life influences life’ approach that ensures mentee's growth and development.
  • To broaden students’ horizons and discover their potential in the career aspect.
  • To equip knowledge and skills for paving the way for success at CUHK and beyond.
  • To build up a supportive network with mentors and other mentees.
  • Workshop for mentors would be provided to strengthen mentors’ mentoring and coaching skills
  • Through this programme, mentors will have better understanding of the culture, lifestyle and values of the next generation
  • Build up supportive network with other mentors


Ms. Yan YIP / Ms. Joyce NG
Tel: 3943 1549 / 3943 7350
Email: /