Exchange Programme

The College started to establish student exchange programmes with overseas tertiary institutions in 1990. The programmes provide students with opportunities to challenge themselves to see things from a new perspective, to rediscover themselves, their city and culture from a global stage; and to hopefully, when they return, contribute to cultural integration in the College.

  • Exchange ProgrammeMeet new people from diverse backgrounds
  • Exchange ProgrammeExpose to a new educational culture
  • Exchange ProgrammeAccept new challenges
  • Exchange ProgrammeLearn new academic and interpersonal skill

Exchange Programmes 2021/22

In 2021/22, around 190 students of Shaw College will participate in exchange programmes in 106 universities across 24 countries and 5 continents, including The University of New South Wales in Australia, McGill University in Canada, Tampere University in Finland, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan, Universidad de Monterrey in Mexico, Maastricht University in the Netherlands, National University of Singapore in Singapore, University of Seoul in South Korea, Malmo University in Sweden, University of Lausanne in Switzerland, University of Sussex in the United Kingdom, University of South Carolina in USA, University of Miami in USA and other renowned universities.

* Application for exchange programmes 2022/23 will be open in October 2021.*


Ms. Emily NG
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