Make a Wish Scheme

To encourage students to realize their dreams and explore projects that would promote their development and / or contribute to the betterment of local and global communities, the College launched the “Make a Wish Scheme” in 2018/19.

1. Eligibility

  1. Full-time undergraduate students of Shaw College
  2. Applicants may submit the application either on personal or team basis, consisting of no more than 10 persons.
  3. Team comprising of local and non-local students, from different disciplines, are encouraged to facilitate mutual exchange and learning.

2. No. of projects and value of subsidy

  1. 4 – 6 projects will be subsidized annually.
  2. Each project will receive a subsidy of no more than HK$50,000, or up to 80% of the actual expenditure, whichever is the lower.



Ms. Yan YIP / Ms. Zoe LAM
Tel: 3943 1549 / 3943 7369
Email: /