Summer / Winter Progamme

The College organizes various summer/winter programmes bringing students to overseas countries to experience the language and local culture, understand the historical, economic and social development as well as provide services to the needy.

Eligibility and Selection

All full-time students of Shaw College are welcome to apply. Applicants' motivation in the programme, experience in extra-curricular activities / community services, interview performance, etc., will be considered in the selection.

Subsidy and Financial Assistance

The programme fees have been heavily subsidized by the College. Students who have proven financial need may apply for additional subsidy from Summer Programmes Financial Assistance Scheme. Details will be included in programme information.


Please stay tuned for updated news regarding summer/winter programmes via Weekly Highlights, college website and other programme promotion.

Highlights of Summer / Winter Programme

Summer/Winter ProgrammesOverseas Spanish Study Programme
"The twenty-day journey was not a long one but was long enough for me to appreciate different aspects of Spain’s charm. Not only did I learn basic Spanish, but I also experienced the hospitality of Spanish people. I am going to miss this historic and warm city in the future."Rosabel Liu Wan-yin (2019)
Summer/Winter ProgrammesStudy Programme in Russia
"It was a fruitful study tour in which I not only enjoyed spectacular views but also learnt a lot about the history, culture and social development of Russia."Ching Sum-man (2019)
Summer/Winter ProgrammesService Learning in Sustainability in Sabah
"The biggest achievement of the trip would be the hiking trip to the Mount Kinabalu. We spent almost 24 hours on hiking in 2 days. It was the most exhausting hiking trip I have joined, but the tougher the trip, the more magnificent view we could see."Ho Wai-hei (2017)
Summer/Winter ProgrammesPoverty Alleviation and Development in China: Service Learning Programme in Yunnan
"Although we only did small things, it meant a lot and gave much to the needy."Leung Mei-fong (2019)
  • Summer/Winter ProgrammesEnglish Study Programme in Canada
  • Summer/Winter ProgrammesGerman Study Programme
  • Summer/Winter ProgrammesSichuan Cultural Study Programme
  • Summer/Winter ProgrammesRetreat in Nepal


Ms. Yan YIP / Ms. Stella WONG
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Past Projects

Summer Programme 2018/19
Summer Programme 2017/18
Summer Programme 2016/17