The Dream of June (Outstanding Service Award – Gold Award)

Secondary students in Taiwan
Working Partner
Tainan Municipal Jhuciao Junior High School, Taiwan

The service team visited a junior secondary school in Tainan and served about 50 local students. The 5-day programme includes various interactive activities such as adventure-based activities, film screening and sharing, and an experiential learning activity ‘Life Simulation’. Students were given opportunities to understand more about themselves and explore the possibilities.

Reflection and Learning

“The service project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to communicate and mingle with students and teachers in remotes areas in Taiwan. We got to know more about education in rural Taiwan, as well as the cultural difference while working with the school there. Through the activities, we gained a lot of hands-on experience in how to manage a class and communicate with students. Our passion in education was reignited as we realized the significance of life education and witnessed the positive change that it brought to students.”