Life diary

Seniors living alone, rehabilitated offenders
Working Partner
YWCA, GSRM, The Society of Social Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention

People have different life experiences. Making mistakes and trying to fix them are something inevitable in our lives. In this service project, rehabilitated offenders shared their life through their talent-performing magic. Seniors living alone are also invited to participate in the show. Upon completion of the service, both the rehabilitated offenders and seniors can see the bright side of life by sharing their own stories and encouraging each other.

Reflection and Learning

The service allows us to understand the actual situation of the rehabilitated offenders and their thoughts on their own lives. Although their experiences maybe tougher than others, they could still find their own ways to pick themselves up. Their life-changing stories make us believe that obstacles are not terrible as they shall pass. La times of trouble, what we have to do is to keep our faith and pick ourselves up.