‘Zen Art Daily’ Series: Changlin Fashi Zen of Photography Retreat (Residential)

‘Zen Art Daily’ Series

Changlin Fashi

Zen of Photography Retreat (Residential)

Information on Registration


Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Pause & Breathe

Funder: The D.H. Chen Foundation


You are welcome to join this Retreat hosted by Ven. Changlin, regardless of your religious background. The quota is limited to 40 persons.  Please reading the following notes and register as soon as possible.


Notes for registration

1.       Registration deadline: 12 June 2022 (Sunday)

2.       Retreat Period: 24 – 27 June 2022 (Friday – Monday)

3.       Venue: Shaw College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

4.  Targets: CUHK Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, Staff and Alumni (priority given to   undergraduate students)

5.       Quota: 40 persons

6.       Fee:

Undergraduate Students of Shaw College                            $190

Other CUHK undergraduates                                              $380*

CUHK postgraduates, staff and alumni                                $1,500*

*Required to pay full fee ($3,800) to confirm the enrollment, eligible for partial refund upon completion of programme with 100% attendance.

7.       Residence: Student Hostel II of Shaw College, single room for each participant.

8.       Meals: Vegetarian meals will be provided.

9.       Enquiries: Ms. Ada Tsui, Shaw College (adatsui@cuhk.edu.hk | 3943 1549)


Pandemic prevention measures

1.       Participants are required to comply with the following epidemic prevention measures:

·    Participants are required to complete COVID-19 testing within 24 hours before the start of the Retreat (rapid test is acceptable), email the proof of negative result to adatsui@cuhk.edu.hk, and complete the online health declaration form.

·  Participants are required to meet the requirements of CUHK "Vaccine Pass" scheme and LeaveHomeSafe mobile application. Before entering the campus, participants are required to present the vaccination record (copy or original) to verify that they have met the requirements. Details are as follows:

                     i.         From May 31, 2022, to enter campus, the third dose of recognised COVID-19 vaccines is required for those 18 years of age or above who have taken the second dose for more than six months.

                             ii.         If a person is still within six months from receiving the second dose, they can still enter the campus, but they must receive the third dose before the end of the six-month period to gain access thereafter.

                iii.         For other details and requirements for admission to campus for recovered COVID-19 patients, please refer to https://www.cuhk.edu.hk/english/whats-on/focus/vaccination-faq.html#q1


Details about the Retreat

1.       Reporting time:

-   The arrival time will be from 8:15am to 8:45am on 24 June 2022. Late arrival will result in the withdrawal from the Retreat.  Please reserve enough time for travel. 

-       The Retreat will end at 5pm on 27 June 2022.

2.       Regulations during the Retreat:

-      Please don’t bring valuables with you. Mobile phone or other electronic devices will be kept by the organisers and return to you at the end of the Retreat. 

-      Observe silence: participants are not allowed to talk over the phone, read books and magazines, use computers or other electronic devices (except for photo submission using designated computer).

-        Participants shall not report late, leave early or go out of the campsite during the Retreat.

-        Smoking, drinking wine and having non-vegetarian meals are prohibited.

-        The use of alarm clock or watch is not permitted to avoid disturbing others.

-        Please wear mask, take daily body temperature, keep social distancing and personal hygiene.

-        Please follow the instructions from the organisers.

3.       Clothing and personal belongings:

-       Please bring a digital camera (regardless SLR Camera or not).  Mobile phone and film camera are not acceptable.

-        Please bring a 3.5 mm long headphone plug.

-        Please bring your cup with lid and toiletries (toothpaste, towel, shower gel, shampoo, etc.)

-        Pillow, bed sheet and mattress will be provided for each room.

-        Please bring sufficient clothes.

-        You may bring some vegetarian snacks and brewed drinks.

-      Please wear plain-colored shirts and loose trousers. The material is preferably cotton or linen to avoid making noise when rubbing.

-    Please wear light flat shoes, canvas shoes or sneakers. You are required to take off your shoes after entering the activity venue, and wear plain socks during meditation.

-       You may bring your own towel for knees wrapping during meditation.

-       If necessary, please prepare mosquito repellent, sunscreen and personal medication.

-       Please bring your own bag for carrying the towel and personal items.

4.       Others:

-       After registration and payment, the programme fee will not be refunded except under special circumstances.

-      If you have special physical/mental conditions, you are advised to seek medical advice to confirm that your health is suitable for participation.


Online Application (closed after 12 Jun)

-       CUHK undergraduates:



-       Non-CUHK undergraduates: