Summer Online English Study Programme 2022: Global Citizenship through English

To allow students to enjoy overseas exchange experience for FREE without leaving home, the College will be co-organizing the “Global Citizenship through English Online Programme” (GCE) with the University of British Columbia (UBC) this summer. The GCE programme aims at developing students’ understanding of current global issues while focusing on their spoken English fluency and accuracy via lesson, interaction and social activities.

Benefits of Students

Through joining it, students could:

  • Earn overseas exchange experience (virtual) for FREE without leaving home
  • Gain cultural awareness (experiencing a different learning mode and culture)
  • Improve English proficiency
  • Practise and improve communication skills especially with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Enrich resume (enhancing soft skills and English level with real programme experience as proof)

Programme Introduction

It is an integrated skills programme (reading, writing, speaking, and listening), with a dominant component dedicated to speaking fluency and accuracy. Students learn and practice language (vocabulary, pronounciation, grammar, etc.) as they communicate about current issues with people around the globe. Activities include English lessons, collaborative assignments, facilitated discussions, etc.

Besides, it is an interactive programme, with student engagement and individualized instructor feedback. Social activities such as “Chat with the Cultural Assistants” are available for students to practise their English skills with UBC students and other programmes’ participants at no additional cost. The Cultural Assistants are UBC students who plan and lead programmes of socio-cultural activities outside of class hours.

Programme Structure

a. Synchronous teaching / Lesson (15 hours per week): 7:00am – 10:45am, every Tue to Fri (HK Time)

b. Asynchronous teaching Independent learning outside of class time facilitated by the instructor (6 hours per week): e.g. participating in weekly discussion forums moderated by Cultural Assistants (current UBC students), recording video responses or oral diaries and posting to the discussion board, writing critical reflections, working with classmates on projects

c. Social and Cultural Activities: Depends on the planning of the Cultural Assistants, free of charge

Programme Content

The programme lasts for 4 weeks with different weekly themes and possible topics. Only one session would be held, students would be asked to indicate their preference in the application form.

Session A (17 May – 10 Jun, 2022)

Session B (14 Jun – 8 Jul, 2022)

1. INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION: Communication Styles, Culture Shock, Stereotypes, Values & Norms

2. FOOD IN SOCIETY: Eating Habits & Trends, Ethical Agriculture, Food Marketing, Food Sources

3. MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY: Advertising, Arts & Entertainment, News Media, Social Media, Technological Advances

4. LIFE IN SOCIETY: Educational Approaches, Housing, Law & Justice, Quality of Life, University Life

1. CANADIAN SOCIETY: Indigenous Peoples, Immigration, Multiculturalism, Regional Diversity, Values

2. ENVIRONMENT: Ecosystems, Green Businesses, Renewable Energy, Waste Reduction

3. WORKING WORLD: Career Planning, Job Search, Workplace Conditions, Working Life

4. HUMAN RIGHTS: Children's Roles & Rights, Free Speech, Gender Roles & Equity, Minority Rights


  • Fee (100% subsidized*): Deposit HK$500, refundable upon completion of all programme requirements:

1) Achieve 100% lesson attendance

2) Get a ‘Satisfactory’ grade (50-65%) or above shown in the transcript

3) Attend pre/post programme workshop

4) Submit a reflection report

*Students who fail to fulfil the requirements need to pay programme fee (HK$12,200), and the deposit will be forfeited*