Hong Kong
Youngsters in Hong Kong (Age 15 to 24)
Working Partner

Organizing symposium, exhibition, human library session and workshop to cater for youngsters’ mental health needs, in order to achieve the objectives: Public awareness(Make the community aware of youth’s mental health), Destigmatize(Change the myth and misunderstanding on mental health), Listen(Listen to the ones suffering emotionally). Through connecting to youngsters in different ways, they could share their feelings and stress rather than suffering from negative emotions alone. Since the misconceptions towards mental illness will discourage youths from seeking help, we are also going to educate the public and raise their awareness of the mental health issue. 

Reflection and Learning

Fighting for a better mental wellbeing for our city is never an easy job, especially under the ever-changing social circumstances (e.g. political & public health threats). We are grateful for the platform for us passionate individuals to form into a team & fight for our shared cause. And we learnt from our experienced guests and collaborating organizations for making our campaign more fruitful, especially to Shaw College for the meticulous help and advice (e.g. helping us book venues).