ex-mentally ill persons
Working Partner

Everyone has the ability to heal himself or herself. When anxiety, depression or other negative emotions overwhelm us, we may consider exploring the self-healing ability that we are born with to achieve inner peace. Some ex-mentally ill persons might feel difficult in dealing with their emotions because of their conditions, but they learn to relax and heal themselves. During the service in this project, volunteers made handcrafts with the recovered patients, chat with them and get to know their stories. At the same time, we could listen to our feelings and needs and learn to communicate with others. 

Reflection and Learning

Participants’ engagement increased in each time of the activity, and they became more willing to share their daily lives with us so we can understand more about them. We might judge ones’ personality with assumptions, for example assuming that the ex-mentally ill persons would have poorer emotion control than others. After spending time together, we realize that they can communicate with others properly just as anyone else. Through this activity, we learnt that only if we communicate and get along with one another sincerely , we could truly understand him or her.