The Shaw Prize Lecture

To facilitate a better understanding of the achievements of the Shaw Laureates, to explain to general public reasons for their being awarded and the importance of their researches, introductory lectures have been held every year before the Shaw Prize Lectures. Professors from CUHK of related field of the Shaw Laureates were speakers.

Symmetry in algebra and geometry (11 May 2021)

by Professor LEUNG Nai-chung Conan

With DNA repair: double loss (break) is not scary at all (19 September 2019)

by Professor CHOW Hei-man Kim and Professor WONG Wing-tak Jack

The unseen universe (20 September 2018)

by Dr. LIN Lap-ming

A novel about algebraic geometry (20 September 2017)

by Professor Chan Kwok-wai

Genetic studies of rare diseases (22 September 2016)

by Professor CHAN Ho-yin Edwin, Professor CHAN Ting-fung

Earth 2.0 (23 September 2015)

by Professor CHU Ming-chung, Professor HUI Ho-lam Jerome